Mediation is less commonly used than arbitration in the insurance and reinsurance dispute resolution context, but many companies are finding that mediation can serve a valuable and economical role in bringing parties together, often allowing the parties to maintain ongoing business relationships without the often rancorous effects of litigation or arbitration.

Andy Walsh's first exposure to mediation came in 1995, when a skilled mediator was able to bring together multiple international parties to resolve disputes arising out of losses from a fraudulent agent.  He became committed to the process when he saw how an impartial intermediary was able to help the parties resolve what seemed to be an unsolvable dispute.  In his role as general counsel, Andy actively advocated the use of mediation when appropriate, recognizing that even when a mediation does not result in an immediate settlement, it can often serve as a useful "reality check" on each party's perception of the value of its case.

In 2007, Andy completed his training as a mediator at Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation, and in January 2008, Andy was named a Qualified Mediator by ARIAS-US. Andy was a founding board member, secretary and treasurer of Re/Insurance Mediation Institute (ReMedi), a membership organization dedicated to promoting the use of mediators in insurance and reinsurance disputes.

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